TEXT - Towards EXaflop applicaTions


Training Events

13 Nov 2012
The session at the HPC educator program, "Unveiling parallelization strategies at undergraduate level" will be presented by BSC at SC12. With Tareador, the programmer needs to use simple code annotations to identify tasks and the tool will dynamically build the computation task graph, identifying all data-dependencies among the annotated tasks. Tareador also feeds Dimemas, a simulator to predict the potential of the proposed strategy and visualize an execution timeline (Paraver). Using the environment, we show a top-down approach that leads to appropriate parallelization...
12 Nov 2012
The half-a-day tutorial at SC12 "Asynchronous Hybrid and Heterogeneous Parallel Programming with MPI/OmpSs for Exascale Systems" will be given by the partners BSC, IBM and HLRS. The agenda of the tutorial is the following:  Introduction to StarSs family of programming models  Overlapping computation with communication using tasks Support for heterogeneous platforms  Development environment  Application parallelization examples  Demo   More information at the SC12 website  
4 Jun 2011
25th International Conference on Supercomputing Tucson, Arizona   http://ics11.cs.arizona.edu/     Abstract: MPI/SMPSs is a hybrid parallel programming model for large-scale homogeneous or heterogeneous systems. The SMPSs component of the model enables incremental parallelization of sequential code, while providing the necessary support for extracting task-level parallelism from applications at runtime, asynchronous execution, heterogeneity, modularity, and portability. Like OpenMP, SMPSs is based on directives and its tasking model can be seen as an extension of...
The following list includes the different training activities performed during the project lifetime:    PUMPS (Programming and tUning Massively Parallel Systems) 2010, 2011, 2012 Training with hands-on at the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES) 2010, 2011 One day tutorial was given at the 25th ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS’2011)  Short tutorial as part of the ComplexHPC Spring School 2011 Short tutorial at the Facing the Multicore Challenge 2011 One day tutorial at the PRACE autumn school 2010 One day...

Educational Material

  • Some of the tools developed in the project have been used in an Introductory course on Parallel Programming (3rd year.120 students per semester, 2 semesters per academic year) at the Computer Science Degree, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). The laboratory sessions for the course make use of the Tareador tool to visualize the task dependence graph and Dimemas to predict different task parallelization strategies. Students use the environment with 5 different applications (numerical and non-numerical): FFT3D (introductory example to learn the environment and API), Mandelbrot (embarrassingly parallel, different granularities), heat simulation (using different solvers – Jacobi, Red-Black and Gauss-Seidel – with different task interactions), multisort (recursive, divide and conquer) and Sudoku (recursive, branch and bound). The course also included a brief introduction to the OmpSs programming model, with optional material for the students. The material distributed to students to do the laboratory assignments can be downloaded from the following tar file.

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