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Review of Trade24: Is it Right for You?

Trade24 was developed as a platform to ensure quality customer support for each trader and transaction. With this thought in mind, the Trade24 platform offers 24 hours a day, seven day a week customer support, available to traders through e-mail or online. The team of customer support professionals includes industry experts and chief dealers that have a large amount of experience in all matters related to forex trading.

Why Choose Trade24?

This forex trading platform offers a dealing room for the currency exchange by using the number one trading platforms, an easy to use system that is secure and efficient.

Traders and investors can execute conversion, options, forward and spot trades in all types of currencies. The deals can be made online in the dealing room. The platform is dedicated to superior excellence and offers the highest level of service possible. There is also one on one assistance available if necessary.

The Dealing Room

The dealing room offers traders superior security to ensure they can access the top trading platforms with no issues or concerns. The room uses the latest technology and infrastructures, as well as the best analytical tools for examining the trades, and the management systems that allow the platform to inform you in real time the information related to your trades and the P&L.

The dealing room of Trade24 reviews operates during all trading hours, beginning on Sunday at midnight through Friday night, allowing continuous trading in all world markets, guaranteeing traders the ability to respond quickly to any new development.

Understanding the way Trade24 works and the benefits it offers helps you to see clearly why this forex trading platform is the one you should use. It offers security, ease of use and a number of other benefits that will help ensure your trading ventures are successful.

Trade24 Trading Assets review

When you log on to Trade24 you will find that forex is the primary trading asset being offered. There is special room for currency exchanges and CFDs: However, forex is what most people log on to use. With the sophisticated features of the trading platform, users can execute spot, conversion, options and forward trades in a number of different currencies. The dealing room is able to handle all deals that are related to forex trading online. It was developed by experienced investors to ensure quality and reliable performance, with assistance when necessary from industry experts.

Features of Trade24

In addition to the sophisticated platforms and tools, Trade24 review offers a number of user-friendly features. Each of these features aid the trade execution process to make it easier and more convenient. Some of the features include fixed rates, commission free trading, social trading and a stop loss facility for the purpose of hedging and more.

Minimum and Maximum Requirements

The platform offers a 1:200 leverage in an effort to maximize the opportunities. The leverage can be used by all traders; however, inexperienced and novice traders need to note that using the leverage must be handled with care and may lead to significant losses.

Trade24 offers a minimum lot size equal to 0.01 and the minimum deposit to open an account to begin trading is $500. Though it requires traders begin trading with a minimum of $500, while there is no upper limit when trading forex on the Trade24 platform. It is important that traders only risk the amount of money they can honestly afford to lose, since binary options trading can be extremely risky business and should only be executed after research and full understanding of the process.

Information about Moshe Margalit

There are some people who are very passionate about their work. Passion is the foremost requirement for success. Moshe Margalit is one of those people. For over 25 years, Moshe Margalit has worked as one of the most successful executives in the construction and finance industries. Moshe Margalit has worked for 25 years in the field of Business Administration and Management. His work mainly entailed the provision of skilled labor services to customers in the construction industry. He would hire skilled labor for several construction projects, and managed his laborers in order to make sure that the work was completed on time. By any measure, this was demanding work. However, Moshe Margalit knew management very well.

Currently, Moshe Margalit serves as a Director at Bluestone Group Limited. Bluestone Group Limited is headquartered in Ireland. However, Moshe Margalit does not only work as a Director at Bluestone. He is also the owner of AlgoRates. AlgoRates is one of the top veteran trading houses in the finance industry right now. The company was created by several programmers, analysts and skilled traders. Moshe Margalit headed the company since its inception.

AlgoRates is a unique trading house. The company primarily singles out investment opportunities using an automated investment management system. However, professional human control is always retained. This allows small traders in the market to minimize their losses and get maximum returns on their investments. Fueled by the passion of Moshe Margalit and the desire to provide a better trading platform for customers, AlgoRates has risen to the top of the trading industry. At present, it is one of the largest trading houses.

AlgoRates is working to revolutionize the algorithmic trading model across the globe. The company was founded on the principles of reliability and integrity. Moshe Margalit from Algorates actively takes part in all proceedings and ensures that AlgoRates continues to provide its customers with the best possible trading opportunities.

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